Helfo (The Norwegian Health Economics Administration) is the Directorate of Health’s external agency and annually administers around NOK 35 billion. Digitization is an important tool for developing Helfo’s services. The Ministry of Health and Health has started the digitization program “Simpler Digital Services” to offer its users better services through digital administration.

Lighthouse were invited to produce an internal project with the aim of increasing knowledge about digitization. This included various film productions for the organization, as well as workshops that were conducted for all 550 employees in Helfo.

HELFO / The Norwegian Health Economics Administration
Learning Concept // Film production
Project manager // producer:
Lighthouse // Silje H. Bekkevold

Brief & Idea.

Helfo strives to make everyday life easier both for stakeholders in the health sector and for private individuals through the provision of accessible, equitable and efficient health services. Digitalization is an importaint part of this work. At the same time, reaching for a more modern way of handling things, many employees are afraid that they will not be needed in the future.

So what can be the advantages and disadvantages of automation and new technology? Our job was to highlight these questions, and let the employees work on various issues related to digitization. What does digitalization really mean for the society and for employees at an individual level?


In the first phase, we produced and launched an internal film. Helfo, as we know it today, was established in 2006. During this time, the organization has shown that it has a unique internal culture to handle changes and challenges and this fact became an important fundation for the film.

In the second fase we hosted a workshop where 550 employees of Helfo worked together in smaller groups, at an interdisciplinary level, to investigate and reflect. We created the whole workshop program and content, using different digital tools.

In the final part, we produced a film that showed a summary of the work. Both managers and employees in Helfo were interviewed ( in addition to Deputy Director General, Bjørn Guldvog, in The Norwegian Directorate of Health).

The main goal for the program was to create a deeper understanding of what digitization entails.


Production team.

This project were running from late 2017 to the end of 2018.

Lighthouse had the main responsibility for the entire project, together with the client, Helfo. In the idea phase, we worked closely with our talented partners, ranging from psychologists and digitalization experts, to the filmcrew and the magnificent director, Ove Kenneth Nilsen.

Helfo is a huge organization, but despite this they dare to try new roads. Their crew has been most inspiring and dedicated to this project.

For Lighthouse, it is without a doubt our biggest project ever. We are incredibly proud and grateful to have been given the opportunity to play such a major role in the development of this program.

A new way of thinking when it comes to increasing knowledge in large enterprices: more engagement from employees, more efficient, and far less expensive and resource demanding.

Producer, Script and Co-director: Silje H. Bekkevold // Lighthouse

Director, Script, Editor: Ove-Kenneth Nilsen // Hocus Focus

Photo: Ludvig Juvodden & Geir Wikse // Supercruiser

Program host: Marte-Amalie Johnsrud Kaardahl // Supercruiser

Post-production: Ole-Aild Svendsen (post-produsent), Haavard Albertsen (colour-grade), Henrik Berge (co-editor), Preben Grieg-Halvorsen (sound design) // Hocus Focus

Pedagogic content:
Elke Rønningen // iCue
Hanne Tvedt // Karp & Tvedt
Salvador Baille // Intelis

We have discovered the potential of digitalisation and new technology.

Participant // Helfo-workshop

The program was educational and good. We worked interdisciplinary, in this way we became better acquainted with colleagues we do not normally work with.

Participant // Helfo-workshop

A nice way of learning that one should use more. We were inspired by videos, got time for reflection, and also for production.

Participant // Helfo-workshop

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